Black Death in the Media

Black Death today

Belfast Telegraph (21.1.2014): Bubonic plague strain could return –

Gizmodo (28.1.2014): Plague DNA Found in Ancient Tooth Suggests Black Death Isn’t Dead Yet –

The Atlantic (11.4.2014): Avoiding the Black Plague Today –

Decoded Science (6.4.2014): Digging up the Black Death: What Caused the Black Plague, and Are We In Danger? –

New finds in London

The Guardian (29.3.2014): Black death skeletons reveal pitiful life of 14th-century Londoners –

Reuters (30.3.2014): British experts say they have found London’s lost Black Death graves –

DNA studies

International Business Times (22.4.2014): Black Death DNA Mapped to Discover Bubonic Plague Evolution –

Digital journal 825.4.2014): Scientists create Black Death family tree –


MedicalNewsToday (7.5.2014): Were medieval Britons more resilient to disease following the black death? –

The conversation (8.4.2014): No, the Black Death did not create more jobs for women –

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