Michelle Ziegler — Biology and Public Health

I am an independent researcher interested in the natural history of Yersinia pestis. My training is in biology (MS) and biosecurity and disaster preparedness (MS). I’m interested in microbes from basic microbiology to public health and crisis management, and everything in between. My current focus is on keeping up with plague genomics and learning more about landscape epidemiology. I blog about my research at Contagions and you can find me on twitter @MZiegler3.

2 thoughts on “Michelle Ziegler — Biology and Public Health

  1. Katharine Hill


    I’m a 6th grade History teacher in Brooklyn looking for data on medieval Y. pestis (or other) plagues. I’d like to collect a selection of data sets from the medieval period. I mean “data sets” fairly loosely — maybe “lists” or “sources” is a better word.

    Anyway, if you can offer any advice here, I would be most appreciative!

    Katharine Hill
    Packer Collegiate Institute


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